Chưa phân loại Explore Dao San plateau, conquer strange yet familiar destinations  

Explore Dao San plateau, conquer strange yet familiar destinations  


Dao San Plateau, Lai Chau possesses charming, poetic and majestic scenery with many beautiful destinations and unique travel experiences waiting for visitors to explore.

Where is Dao San Plateau? 

Dao San Plateau is a popular destination for young people when traveling to Lai Chau. From the center of Lai Chau city, visitors travel about 60km north to reach this beautiful plateau. This land contains many interesting and exciting things and promises to bring you a memorable journey.

Where is Dao San Plateau?Dao San Plateau is located north of Lai Chau city. Photo: @vietnam_travel_media
This beautiful plateau embraces Phong Tho district – a destination in Lai Chau with beautiful scenery and diverse cultures of the Mong, Dao Thai, Ta Nhi people, etc. Therefore, when visiting Dao San, you will experience the traditional life of the people here, and immerse yourself in the highland tourism atmosphere that is not found anywhere else.  

Dao San Plateau is an interesting destination in Lai ChauPhong Tho District is located on the beautiful Dao San plateau. Photo: @ __nghich__

Because Dao San plateau is located on Highway 132, it is very convenient for tourists to come here to explore. You can choose many means of transport such as motorbikes and cars. However, to make your Lai Chau trip more interesting, you should go by motorbike. This flexible means of transport helps you easily access many different destinations here. 

The beauty of Dao San plateau Lai Chau 

When coming to Dao San plateau for the first time , visitors will immediately feel the green and peaceful beauty of this place. Before your eyes is a scene of majestic forests, of cardamom hills stretching far and wide. The terrain of this plateau is about 1500 meters above sea level, the climate is fresh and cool all year round. 

Dao San Plateau is located at an altitude of about 1500 meters.Dao San Plateau possesses beautiful natural scenery and a cool, pleasant climate. Photo: @deocao_
On your motorbike, you can leisurely explore all the roads of Dao San. You will pass through winding roads, early mornings with mist still covering the traditional stilt houses of the indigenous people. Somewhere on the mountainside are clouds still floating leisurely, all of which paint a beautiful, hazy picture. 

Dao San Plateau is beautiful, fresh and peaceful all year round.Coming to Dao San, visitors can pass through beautiful scenes. Photo: @phuong.phu.58958

In the Dao San plateau, people still live by farming, growing rice and slash-and-burn cultivation, and growing cardamom. Somewhere along the road, you will encounter Mong girls working hard in the fields. In the leisurely afternoons wandering around Dao San, you can also see children playing on the road. Everything here is slow, leisurely and strangely peaceful.  

Dao San Plateau has mountains, forests, rice fields, and cool streams.A poetic corner in Dao San plateau. Photo: @dinhgiao1

Dao San Plateau offers visitors memorable experiences.When you come here, take your time wandering around the streets. Photo: @sy00n.kl

The deeper you go into the communes of Phong Tho district in Dao San plateau, the more you can fully appreciate the magnificent beauty that nature has bestowed upon Lai Chau province. In that beautiful picture, there are also the chirping of forest birds and the babbling of streams, which are so pleasant to the ears. 

Dao San Plateau also has beautiful waterfalls.Dao San Plateau is a destination you should explore once. Photo: @chi_bumr

When visiting Dao San plateau, tourists will have the opportunity to visit Muong So commune – a locality with many beautiful landscapes of Phong Tho district. This commune has the famous Vang Pheo cultural village, with the impressive Tham Tao cave. Stopping at Vang Pheo village, you will be treated by the Thai people with dishes such as grilled stream fish, moss, bitter bamboo shoots, … all of which are full of the flavor of Northwest cuisine. 

Dao San Plateau is beautiful and poetic in spring.Spring comes, peach blossoms bloom on Dao San plateau. Photo: tripzone 

Perhaps to fully explore the Dao San plateau, visitors should spend a few days here to conquer the “Slanting Hill”. The terrain here is up to 1800 meters above sea level and is located about 1km southwest of the center of Dao San commune. Arriving at this coordinate, you will be able to admire the majestic picture, take virtual photos freely and enjoy the beautiful scenery of the winding terraced fields.

Dao San Plateau has a market that meets every 6 days.Going to Dao San market, visitors can experience the traditional market culture of the indigenous people. Photo: @frontiertraveljp

One of the most interesting experiences when coming to Dao San is going to Dao San market . This market is a place for people in Phong Tho to buy, sell and exchange goods. Until now, this market still retains the unique culture of the people of the Northwest. In particular, this market is a “reverse market” style, meeting every 6 days. 

Dao San Plateau also has the Gau Tao festival held at the beginning of the year.Coming to Dao San, you can experience many interesting activities. Photo: @thaochubellamy

If you travel to Lai Chau in early spring, go to Dao San to participate in the Gau Tao festival. This is a famous festival of the Mong people, held at the beginning of the new year to pray for all the good things in life, pray for favorable weather. This festival takes place with many unique and attractive folk games that visitors will never forget. 

Experience exploring Dao San  

Nowadays, Dao San is a popular destination in Lai Chau for tourists because of its beautiful scenery, pleasant climate and friendly people. This plateau is attached to Phong Tho district, making it more convenient for tourists from all over the world to explore. You can come here to explore, conquer the natural beauty and have memorable experiences for yourself.

Dao San Plateau in the autumn season of ripe riceYou should come here in autumn to see the terraced fields. Photo: Lai Chau Tourism Portal 

Communes and villages in Phong Tho are starting to develop community tourism, so visitors can rest assured about their accommodation. Many homestays of local people such as Chang A Chinh, Sung A Sinh, etc. are places you can consider staying. Especially when coming to Vang Pheo, visitors will be fully immersed in the life of the local people. 

Dao San Plateau is a land with many interesting things waiting for visitors.If you have the chance, come and explore Dao San plateau once. Photo: Lai Chau tourism information portal

Dao San Plateau is a familiar yet strange coordinate of Lai Chau province, attracting tourists from near and far with its majestic scenery, fresh nature and cool green color of mountains, forests, rice fields, and fields. If you have the opportunity, you should visit Dao San once to fully enjoy the wonderful things that nature has bestowed on this Lai Chau land.