Chưa phân loại Visit Ban Hon Lai Chau, explore the life of the Lu ethnic group

Visit Ban Hon Lai Chau, explore the life of the Lu ethnic group


Hon Lai Chau village is a famous community tourism village with majestic natural scenery, rustic stilt houses and diverse cultures of the ethnic minorities here.

Where is Hon? 

Hon Village Lai Chau is a community tourism village located in Tam Duong District, about 20 km from Lai Chau City center. With a convenient location, connecting many beautiful nearby destinations, Hon Village is increasingly attracting a large number of visitors. This village has become a favorite destination for both international and Vietnamese visitors. 

Where is Hon Lai Chau?Hon Village is located in Tam Duong District, about 20 km from Lai Chau City center. Photo: Lai Chau Tourism Information Portal 

To get to Ban Hon, visitors go from the city center in the southeast direction and use Google Maps to reach this beautiful village. Ban Hon commune includes Ban Hon 1 and Ban Hon 2 with less than 200 households living there. This place is home to the Lu and Mong ethnic groups. 

Hon Lai Chau is a place with beautiful scenery.Ban Hon Commune possesses a fresh, green natural landscape. Photo: Ta Hanh

Traveling to Lai Chau and exploring Ban Hon is an opportunity for tourists to immerse themselves in the beautiful scenery of the Northwest countryside. In particular, you can also learn about the cultural identity of the indigenous people through delicious dishes, beautiful costumes, house architecture and long-standing traditional crafts.

What is attractive about Hon Lai Chau?

Hon Lai Chau village has a terrain of many high mountains and valleys, painting a majestic and magnificent picture with the main color of green. Right from the first time setting foot in the village, visitors “fall in love” with the purity and gentleness that nature has bestowed on this land. From the roads, the houses to the gardens, rice fields, … everything is rustic and peaceful.

Hon Lai Chau village is the home of the Lu and Mong people.Coming to Ban Hon, visitors will learn about the Lu and Mong ethnic groups. Photo: People’s Army Newspaper

As a commune in the Northwest highlands, the weather in Ban Hon is quite cool, with temperatures ranging around 22 degrees Celsius. The hottest season here is 35 degrees Celsius and the coldest is only 6 degrees Celsius. Depending on your travel schedule, you can choose the right time to explore Ban Hon. Normally, the dry season from October to March of the following year is the most ideal for you to visit this beautiful village.

Hon Lai Chau village has fresh and cool air.The average temperature here is about 22 degrees Celsius, cool and pleasant. Photo: Tam Duong District Electronic Information Portal 

Hon Village may not be as famous as many other beautiful villages in the Northwest . However, if you have come here, you will not be able to forget the beauty and unique features of this village. There are up to 100 traditional stilt houses preserved intact, bearing an ancient, simple mark. 

Hon Lai Chau village with peaceful village picturePeaceful stilt houses of people in Ban Hon. Photo: Lai Chau Newspaper

On the way to explore the village, you will come across gray stilt houses with tiled roofs and wooden frames. Most of the houses here are built spaciously, each house has a staircase in front to go up and down. In Ban Hon, people build houses with their backs against the mountain and their faces facing the fields, so the view is always beautiful and peaceful. 

Hon Lai Chau village has developed community tourism since 2013.This is a community tourism village that many tourists love when coming to Lai Chau. Photo: Vietnam Plus 

In 2013, Ban Hon was developed into a community cultural tourism destination of Tam Duong district , Lai Chau province. Since then, the road to the village has been concreted to make it easier for people to travel and to make the journey to explore this village more convenient for tourists from all over the world. 

Hon Lai Chau village is where you can learn more about the Lu people.Lu people with unique and impressive traditional costumes. Photo: People’s Army Newspaper

What to do in Ban Hon? Perhaps the best experience is to go around the village by motorbike or bicycle. You will pass through green rice fields, pass by simple stilt houses and see the life and activities of the people here. In particular, visitors can also see the Lu ethnic people with their unique traditional costumes. 

Hon Lai Chau village has many typical cultural and artistic activities.Lu people with unique traditional dance. Photo: Lai Chau tourism information portal 

In addition, when visiting Ban Hon Lai Chau, visitors can also listen to the women sing Lu folk songs, enjoy musical performances such as gongs, flutes, drums, etc. and especially eat delicious local specialties of the Lu people. If you want to buy souvenirs, the village has available brocade skirts, shirts, hats, scarves, etc. that are woven very elaborately. 

After 10 years of developing community tourism, Ban Hon has become an increasingly popular destination for tourists. The villagers have also invested in homestay services so that tourists can stay, eat and live like a real local. This is an experience that every tourist should try. 

Near Ban Hon Lai Chau there are many beautiful destinationsYou can combine exploring many beautiful destinations near Ban Hon. Photo: Local tourism

If you have more time, you should spend 1-2 days in the village. It is best to come here in the late dry season and early season when the weather is nicer and the air is more pleasant. In addition, this village is located in Tam Duong district, so you can combine to explore Na Khuong Water Wheel, Ban Tham Tourist Area , Na Luong Village, etc., which are all beautiful and famous coordinates. 
Near Ban Hon Lai Chau is an impressive destination that you should visit.Traveling to Lai Chau, you should visit Ban Hon once. Photo: Travel magazine

Nowadays, Ban Hon Lai Chau has gradually transformed itself into an attractive community tourism destination of the province. If you have the opportunity, visitors should visit the village once to fully experience the beauty of Lai Chau land, to love and be proud of a homeland Vietnam with countless quality destinations.