Chưa phân loại Tac Tinh Waterfall – a peaceful green place for you to escape the busy world

Tac Tinh Waterfall – a peaceful green place for you to escape the busy world


Lai Chau is a natural tourist destination of the Northwest region, attracting visitors with peaceful villages such as Si Thau Chai and Sin Ho. Pu Sam Cap natural cave is brilliant, Tien Son cave is sparkling, and Pu Si Lung and Bach Moc Luong Tu peaks are ideal destinations for those who love mountains and forests. But with waterfalls, the most beautiful and impressive in Lai Chau is Tac Tinh waterfall , which is the most attractive destination.

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A few words about Tac Tinh waterfall

The towering flow of Tac Tinh waterfall originates from Hoang Lien Son range.The towering flow of Tac Tinh waterfall originates from Hoang Lien Son mountain range.

The most famous tourist attraction in Tam Duong district. Tac Tinh Waterfall originates from the majestic Hoang Lien Son mountain range and flows into Tam Duong town.

Tac Tinh Waterfall is also known by other names such as: Love Waterfall or Tac Tinh Waterfall; this name of the waterfall is used to refer to the troubled, unsuccessful love story of a Dao couple who truly loved each other, but because of poverty, they could not get married.

The beauty of Tac Tinh waterfall can be compared to Hang De Cho waterfall of Yen Bai, Phi Lieng waterfall of Lam Dong, Do Quyen waterfall of Thua Thien Hue. Tac Tinh waterfall is located at an altitude of about 1400m, the waterfall falls down with a water column higher than 120m in summer, flows gently and smoothly into the lake at the foot of the waterfall in autumn – winter. After that, the flow follows the rocky path; gradually lower, flows through many small lakes, more peaceful, smoother so that visitors can bathe in the flow.

entrance to Tac Tinh waterfallFrom the outside entrance, visitors can see the flow of the waterfall with a small flow on the left and a large flow located right in front of the entrance.

The largest flow of Tac Tinh waterfall
The largest flow of Tac Tinh waterfall

The lake above is wide enough to swim in, but with such a small flow. If the water is high in the summer, swimming is definitely not possible because it is very dangerous.

Tac Tinh WaterfallWhere the stream flows is an extremely dangerous canyon so stay away.

The flow of Tac Tinh waterfall
The flow of Tac Tinh waterfall

The flow of Tac Tinh waterfallThe flow of Tac Tinh waterfall flows into Tam Duong town

The story of Tac Tinh waterfall

The story of Tac Tinh waterfall is a long-standing oral story in the life of the Dao people in Si Thau Chai village. The story is about a mountainous village girl named Lo Lan, born into a rich family, beautiful and good at singing. Her family arranged for her to marry many rich families, but she refused.

Lo Lan fell in love with a poor man named Ly Phan; he had a talent for playing the flute. The two were inseparable, he played the flute, she sang, making the trees in the forest shake. To separate the couple, Ly Phan was forced to be engaged. Lo Lan waited at home for him to return during several seasons of blooming Ban flowers… every day, she stood on the top of the mountain waiting for Ly Phan to return but he never did. Gradually, the people did not see her anywhere, people said she had turned into a stone mountain, the waterfall was her hair and her faithful tears.

In the distant land, hearing that Ly Phan had returned to find her, he stood by the waterfall and played his flute. Gradually, the villagers could no longer see his figure, only the sound of his flute mixed with the gentle flow of the waterfall. Since then, the villagers have always recalled this story, to remind them of the faithful, passionate and intense love that nothing could separate.

Ideal time to visit Tac Tinh waterfall

The best time to visit and experience Tac Tinh waterfall is on days when there is a lot of water. Usually it falls during the rainy season but it is quite dangerous, so the end of the rainy season is the best. From July to October is the best time to conquer and check-in Tac Tinh waterfall; because the waterfall has a lot of water, the sun is warm, the flow is also pleasant, and the road to the waterfall is smoother than ever.

Or in late autumn and early winter, you can also come to the waterfall. At this time, the amount of water flowing from the hills to the waterfall is mist; the amount of water is enough to create a beautiful landscape, the sunset on the waterfall is also impressive, even from where the waterfall flows down to Tam Duong town, there is a sea of ​​clouds.

What to experience at Tac Tinh waterfall?

Tac Tinh Waterfall is an ideal place for camping, picnicking and relaxing on weekends. The space is covered by pine forests so it is extremely fresh and refreshing.

Come to Tac Tinh waterfall to experience the cool green nature and you can also bathe in the Tac Tinh waterfall area. With a large swimming pool, the water flows gently at the foot of the waterfall, or right from the entrance below there is also a smaller lake to receive water pouring down from above.

Tac Tinh Waterfall
Tac Tinh Waterfall

Tac Tinh Waterfall

About 50m from the entrance to the waterfall is a lake suitable for swimming because it is very safe.

Location and how to get to Tac Tinh waterfall

Tac Tinh Waterfall is located on Tac Tinh Waterfall Road, Lu Binh Commune, Tam Duong Town, Tam Duong District, Lai Chau Province. It is about 3km from National Highway 4D and 30km from Lai Chau City.

The way up to Tac Tinh waterfallThe path to the waterfall is built with easy-to-move steps that only take 15 minutes for those who are strong.

Tac Tinh town roadRunning on the town road – Tac Tinh , you will notice two small houses on the side of the road, where you can park your car and a small path to walk up to the waterfall.

A tip for you is to go straight to Lai Chau to conveniently rent a car, eat and experience a day around the city. The next day, move to experience Tac Tinh waterfall, then experience Si Thau Chai village, or conquer Pu Ta Leng.

You can refer to the following car rental locations and garages:

From Hanoi to Lai Chau, book The Anh car at 350,000-400,000 VND/way.

Rent a motorbike at Lai Chau Motorbike Rental number 0965.667.130 for 150,000 VND/day.

Some notes when experiencing Tac Tinh waterfall

The road down to Tac Tinh waterfall is easy to walk, but it is also dangerous, so be very careful to note a few things to have a better and safer experience.The path up to the waterfall is convenient, but the path down to the waterfall is covered with grass, so be careful and only follow the visible trail.You should not go to the grassy areas on the edge to check-in or look around because that place is a deep abyss. Out of curiosity, I tried to go out and ended up dropping my phone into the abyss.

waterfall love

waterfall loveAlways walk on the paved path in the middle. Never step on the grass. If you miss, you will fall into the abyss.

waterfall loveLook closely and you will see the cliff is tilted and easy to fall

When you want to fly a flycam, you should be careful, this is a canyon so there are many sudden strong winds, plus many tall tree branches that are easy to collide with. You should note to fly high, or fly straight at a straight angle looking out at Tam Duong town. Absolutely do not fly low, do not move sideways because if there is a collision, the fly will fall into the abyss, hard to find, into the forest with no way to find.

When parking outside, it is safer to park inside a private home. The road outside has many cars going uphill, making collisions very easy. There are many flowers and grasses around the waterfall, if they get on clothes it is very difficult to handle. When you have fun and experience the waterfall, remember to take your trash outside. It is very cold in the afternoon at the waterfall, so if you camp overnight, bring enough warm clothes and insect repellent.

Tac Tinh Waterfall is one of the beautiful and impressive waterfalls of Lai Chau tourism. When coming to Lai Chau, remember to experience and admire this waterfall. If you want to immerse yourself in the peaceful space of pine forests and waterfalls, this place is even more ideal for you to find.